WWE: Alexa Bliss rivela il significato del suo nuovo tatuaggio (FOTO)

Alexa Bliss ha recentemente postato una foto su Instagram dove mostra il suo nuovo tatuaggio dietro la spalla sinistra e in una lunga didascalia ne spiega i molteplici significati.

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Now that it’s getting to that healing phase, Wanted to share my story of my newest tattoo. All of my Tattoos mean so much to me. A few years back Kailyn and I got Matching Roman numeral tattoos that mean so much to me. I love the look of white ink tattoos. I love that they heal like scars. I love that they look to be a part of my skin instead of on my skin. Unfortunately sometimes the tattoos don’t turn out the way as planned. My tattoo was done & I noticed it didn’t look like my other white inks. Either the stencil was tattood in, or the artist tattood with a different color ink. After having the tattoo gone over in white 6 times, lasered multiple Times … it healed as a green/ blue scar tissue. I thought it was going to look that way forever. Until I met Stephanie. Stephanie is an amazing artist who took my ideas of turning this embarrassing now scar into something I’d love forever. This tattoo is a lace design that incorporates a lot of meaningful things to me. It includes an Eating disorder recovery symbol that blossoms into a flower for “new beginning” When I was hospitalized, my hospital room was decorated in tinker bell items because tink was my Favorite. So I have “ the second star from the right “ from Peter Pan hanging down. & last but not least, when I was at the worst part of my eating disorder, my doctor wanted to send me to the in patient center in Pittsburgh, because seeing 5 doctors a day wasn’t helping me. My parents made the decision to give me a break from seeing doctors all day everyday. It Was a constant reminder of how sick I really was. So before having to be sent away, my parents took me to disney world to give me a small break. Which happened to be the best thing for me. When I went to disney, i actually began to eat. Slowly but surely. By the end of the week, I had gotten so much healthier that I didn’t need to go away to Pittsburgh. So disney is not only my Happy place, it’s my Healing place. So there is a “ hidden Mickey” in the lace design. So all together this tattoo represents a crucial point in my life & I love the design Stephanie came Up with to represent this moment in my life 🖤

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La Bliss racconta della sua storia di anoressia che da giovane l’ha costretta a stare a stretto contatto quotidianamente con tantissimi medici.

Le consigliarono un ricovero in clinica, ma i suoi genitori ebbero l’idea di portarla prima a Disney World: lì Alexa ritrovò finalmente l’appetito e pian piano riuscì a sconfiggere la malattia.

Il tatuaggio (in inchiostro bianco) racchiude degli elementi fondamentali di quel periodo buio: il bozzolo che diventa fiore è il simbolo del nuovo inizio e della vittoria sulla malattia, la seconda stella a destra richiama Peter Pan e Campanellino (personaggio al quale è legatissima) e infine un Mickey Mouse è racchiuso e nascosto all’interno del tattoo a ricordare il viaggio a Disney World, luogo chiave della sua felicità e della sua guarigione.


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